Flexible Duct Systems

Flexible Duct Systems

Exotic’s capability to design and manufacture bellows and flexible joint components and assemblies from nickel, titanium, and stainless material.  Diameters of existing production parts range from 1 inch to over 30 inches. Exotic’s bellows and flex joints are used on engine exhaust systems and APU exhaust systems as well as bleed air duct systems on commercial and military engines. We also have a dedicated manufacturing cell specifically for Flexible Joints. We manufacture ball and socket, gimbal and link joints serving a wide range of pressures and temperatures including the most modern engines which utilize late-stage compressor high-temperature and high-pressure bleed air systems.

Flexible Duct

Flexible Duct Systems Components Review

" The Procurement Agent and I went out to the using shop this week to talk to the mechanics and support people who are working with your new parts. Everyone was completely satisfied and had only good comments about your company! You and your team have ear "

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