Click here: Exotic's statement and response to Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Click here: Exotic's statement and response to Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

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Why Exotic

 “For me it is definitely the culture and the people who work here…Exotic has a very entrepreneurial spirit.”  

About my job

There are two things that I really love about my job.  The first is that I love the idea of being able to make an impact and shape the future success of this company. Decisions that me and my team make directly impact our customers and how they view Exotic, which plays into the future relationships and opportunities with the customer.  Secondly, and on a more personal note, it is really important for me to continue to grow as a leader and continuously learn through the different projects or teams that I work on.  Exotic is focused on providing opportunities to ensure those who want to learn and grow their experiences are able to do so.  The wide variety of experiences that you are exposed to at a smaller company is very unique; you will not find that opportunity at the big name companies.

Jaci , Marketing
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