Click here: Exotic's statement and response to Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Click here: Exotic's statement and response to Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Supply Chain

Exotic Metals Forming Divison Supply Chain

At Exotic our suppliers’ materials and services are an integral part of our operations. The aerospace market is expanding, and only through partnering with our suppliers will sustainable growth be achievable. Together we can deliver the best solution to meet our customers’ needs. 

The suppliers we work with help us succeed through innovation, performance, quality, and cost-efficiency. We are committed to integrity and ethics as the foundation for the success of our company and supply chain.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions:

As of March 4, 2024, new or updated purchase orders will incorporate the Parker General Terms and Conditions and related documents as follows:

The following terms and conditions are applicable to any purchase orders placed prior to May 19th, 2022, and those of which are not updated remain on the previous Exotic Purchase Order Terms and Conditions. 

Supplier Delivery and Quality Performance:

Quality and delivery performance are vital to the success of Exotic and its customers. Exotics’ suppliers are required to maintain 95% Quality and On-Time Delivery over a rolling 12 month period. Ratings will be reported on a scorecard provided by Exotic monthly.  Quality ratings include compliance to all specifications, drawings, and purchase order requirements, including complete paperwork and certifications. On-Time Delivery (%) ratings are measured against committed delivery dates on purchase orders. Exotic accepts shipments up to ten business days early.

Product verification may be delegated to suppliers that consistently demonstrate a high standard of quality. This delegation will be at the discretion of Exotic’s Quality Manager and is based on product complexity, quality performance, and any other relevant factors. If a supplier has been approved for product verifications, a formal letter will be issued by Exotic Quality Assurance and purchase orders will note this approved delegation. Delegated suppliers must maintain a quality rating of 98% and a blended rating of at least 95% over a rolling 6 month period.

Our Mission

Exotic strives to maintain a robust, agile, and reliable supply base, capable of supporting our needs to offer a strong supply network that represents our diverse and growing global customer base.

All Suppliers

At Exotic, we interact with our suppliers as collaborative partners to gain a complete understanding of your capabilities and expertise. We conduct business with the highest ethical standards and value your contributions in helping us help our customers, and we want to work together to find and add value to our Supply Chain. Contact us if you have any questions or need assistance.

Supplier Diversity

As a global corporation, Exotic believes supplier diversity strengthens our company and is a benefit to the worldwide community. We are committed to providing sourcing and subcontracting opportunities for diverse-owned businesses including Small, Minority-owned, Small Disadvantaged, Women-owned, LGBTQ+ owned, Disability owned, HUBZone, and Veteran and Service-Disabled Veteran-owned. Exotic continues to be committed to a diverse supply base that reflects our core beliefs and can transform innovative ideas into long-term value for all.

Diversity Regulations Updates

Reference Sources and Links

Certifying Organizations

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Supplier Returns:

In the rare case of supplied materials requiring return, Exotic expects to receive a Return Material Authorization (RMA) within five business days.

For Root Cause and Corrective action responses, Exotic requests the following template be used for 8D analysis reporting:

Supplier Quality Requirements:

As of May 19, 2022, new or updated purchase orders will incorporate the Parker quality documents:

Existing purchase orders in place and which are not updated may remain on the previous documents Exotic’s Quality Control Procurement Requirements (QCPR) notes.

All current and prospective suppliers of Exotic are required to complete and sign a quality evaluation form and our most current supplier survey. Suppliers are monitored for quality performance and must maintain minimum standards to retain approval status.

Suppliers must obtain and maintain full manufacturing and process approvals for the facility where products are manufactured, in accordance with Exotic’s or Exotic’s Customer’s quality system requirements. This is defined by Exotic purchase orders and applicable supporting drawings, specifications, and quality requirements.


All current and prospective suppliers of Exotic are required to complete and sign an annual Supplier Compliance Letter.

Receiving Dock Information:




Max Weight of Bundles

Hours of Operation

Exotic Metals Forming Company

21902 64th Ave

Kent, WA 98032 USA

All Products

From Dock Forklift or Hand

5500 lbs.

6:30 AM* to 3:00 PM

Exotic Metals Forming Company

12821 West McFarlane Road

Airway Heights, WA 99001 USA

All Products

From Dock Forklift or Hand

7000 lbs.*

6:00 AM to 3:30 PM (M-Th.)

6:00 AM to 10:00 AM (F)

*Please call for off-schedule deliveries and special arrangements


Please send all invoices to and any payment inquiries to

Supplier Visits:

Please contact the appropriate Buyer to make any visit arrangements. 

Contact Us:

For questions or information please contact us at: