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"Exotic Metals Forming Company LLC and the people who make it an extraordinary successful company has given us at an exceptional product and service for which I'm extremely grateful. Thank you..." View More »
"The Procurement Agent and I went out to the using shop this week to talk to the mechanics and support people who are working with your new parts. Everyone was completely satisfied and had only good comments about your company! You and your team have ear..." View More »
"Thank you again for taking time from your busy schedules to provide a tour for my Team. It was inspiring to witness such an innovative, well run organization! Thank you for your continued support!..." View More »
"I wanted to say thank you again for the factory tour and overview of Exotic. The team walked away from it impressed and with total confidence in your ability to deliver on time, zero defects, in compliant product to us...." View More »
"Exotic is amazing! We have not even released the final design for the assembly and you guys are already building up the first prototype details and subassemblies..." View More »
"Thank you and the entire Exotic team! I appreciate all that Exotic has done to get us to this point. You have worked closely with us every step of the way, accommodating when you could and pushing back where you had to. You struck an excellent balance on..." View More »
"I wanted to thank you for your efforts on the starter duct. We appreciate Exotic’s on-going support. Thanks..." View More »
"It fit better than a glove... It looked good...." View More »
"Let me add a little. I spoke with the mechanic yesterday end of shift. They had already installed and removed the duct assembly, it was a good fit. Apparently, there was no link adjustment required…….Thank you to all those involved in helping to accomp..." View More »
"Just want to thank you for all your help, support, and guidance through this last year. It was a little bit of a rough road and without you three it would have been a whole lot more difficult to get through. To be honest I have never worked with a team mo..." View More »
"I just wanted to say thanks for all of your support this year, both as a great supplier, and as great teammates...." View More »