ECS/Bleed Air Ducting

ECS/Bleed Air Ducting

Exotic manufactures many configurations of ducting for transportation of Engine/APU bleed air and various related Environmental Control Systems (ECS). These ducts can range widely in design and we build variations in both nickel and titanium. Depending on in-service requirements (pressure & temperature) and location on the aircraft, these ducts may also require specialty coatings, insulation (hard metallic or soft fabric), structural/sensor attach points, and flexible joints.  

Bleed Air

ECS/Bleed Air Ducting Components Review

" Let me add a little. I spoke with the mechanic yesterday end of shift. They had already installed and removed the duct assembly, it was a good fit. Apparently, there was no link adjustment required…….Thank you to all those involved in helping to accomp "

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