Click here: Exotic's statement and response to Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Click here: Exotic's statement and response to Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

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CTF - Forming Department

Why Exotic

“What I like about Exotic is that it has provided me with leadership opportunities.  I have the opportunity to work with a bunch of really great people every day.”

About my job

Along with working with great people every day, I get to help design tools and machines that are coming into the organization. Since our culture is focused around quality and “helping each-other succeed”, we all come together to solve problems.  What I like about my role as a lead in the forming department is watching a blank piece of metal turn into something really cool.  In the 8 ½ years that I have been working at Exotic, I have become one of the forming department experts due to having access to great mentors.  In a typical day, you can expect to be very busy, never boring and chances are you will be learning something new.  The work I put in is satisfying by the time I go home. I plan to stay here until I retire.  It’s a great place to work. 

Robert - , CTF - Forming Department
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